3 Steps to Save Money and buy the things you want

Hi! this is a little tips on how to save your money for students or for a person who live alone just like me. To begin with, people have their own priorities and interests. However, I think these tips will be applicable to everyone since it is more general and everyone can do it. So … Continue reading 3 Steps to Save Money and buy the things you want

Enterprise Resource Planning (MIS): Week 6

For this week Enterprise Resource Planning (MIS) subject, my friend and I did a presentation about Allianz regarding the topic of: The Five Forces, Value Chain, Core Competencies, and Information System. Allianz is a European financial services company offering insurance and asset management. The Company offers property and casualty, life and health, mobility, retirement planning, … Continue reading Enterprise Resource Planning (MIS): Week 6

Beasiswa DataPrint

Bagi siswa/siswi SMP/SMA dan Mahasiswa D3/S1, DataPrint membuka pendaftaran program Beasiswa untuk tahun 2018 periode kedua! Tidak ada sistem kuota berdasarkan daerah dan atau sekolah/perguruan tinggi di program ini sehingga siapapun dapat mengikutinya! Apa saja persyaratannya? Beli produk DataPrint, lalu buat essay sesuai dengan tema yang ditentukan, daftarkan dirimu di website official DataPrint, dan jangan … Continue reading Beasiswa DataPrint

Enterprise Resource Planning (MIS): Week 5

In today's lesson, we are learning about Industry and Information System Strategy. So, there is this thing called business environment which are divided into 5: Competitive Rivalry, Threat of New Entry, Supplier Power, Threat of Substitution, and Buyer Power. It is basically how to analyze a country/company based from the inside and outside just like … Continue reading Enterprise Resource Planning (MIS): Week 5

Bandung (2/2)

Orchird Forest Cikole Entrance Ticket : Rp25,000/person Orchird Forest Cikole is a new recreation park in Cikole, Lembang. There are many things you can see or do in here, from admiring the beautiful orchird to challenge yourself with the adventurous outbound game. You will also experience the pristine atmosphere because the place is surrounded with … Continue reading Bandung (2/2)

Enterprise Resource Planning (MIS): Week 4

This week, we learnt several new things from MIS subject. First of all, we learnt about ethics. Who would've thought technology needs ethics, right? But it is and ethics is important for Information System and Technology. Furthermore, we also discuss about value, responsibility, and even accountability. The next thing we learnt Information System and how … Continue reading Enterprise Resource Planning (MIS): Week 4

Book Review : The Lost Hero (The Heroes of Olympus)

Identitas buku Judul : The Lost Hero Pengarang : Rick Riordan Jumlah halaman : 586 Penerbit : Noura Books Sinopsis Novel The lost hero karangan Rick Riordan ini merupakan kelanjutan dari novel best seller Percy Jackson. Novel ini menceritakan tentang petualangan sekumpulan demi god (setengah dewa atau anak dari dewa/dewi) dalam mengalahkan para monster dari … Continue reading Book Review : The Lost Hero (The Heroes of Olympus)